Finding good quality online sports streams can be difficult nowadays. There are thousands of different websites for offering the latest sporting events of free. However, most of them will be over one with intrusive ads and even viruses. Sorting out the goods from about can be cumbersome. As you are no doubt aware there are also many services where you have to pay large sums of money to get the latest sports direct to your TV. For example, in the UK you may be paying up to £80 per month for sky TV in order to get the sports channels. On nowTV you will be paying £35 just to get the sports channels.

As a customer of bet365 you will get access to all the latest sporting events around the world. This includes many big European football events such as the champions league. To get involved all you need to do is sign up for an account at bet365. You need to keep your account active which involves either making a deposit or making a small bet within the last 24 hours of accessing a stream. You can make  bets from as little as 50p or a deposit just 5 pounds. You can even fund your account using PayPal. You can make your bets on whichever markets you wish, they don’t have to be related to the stream you are watching. You can male your bets on markets with low odds so you will pretty much be guaranteed a return on your bet essentially giving you free access to the streams. By doing it this way you can get access to around 60,000 streams each year for 5 pounds.

Ofcourse it’s all about the betting at bet365 so you can bet in play while watching the games on your browser or smart tablets. Bet365 offer in play action and betting markets more than any other sports book in the world. You can quickly and easily make your bets while the action is running giving you a great insight to the action going on. Furthermore you will get a bonus of up to 100% whatever your first deposit is and a further £50 if you wish to make your first bet using the mobile app for android or iPhone.